Zaribo 8mm to 10mm upgrade



Upgrade kit form Zaribo 8mm -> Zaribo 10mm

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With this upgrade  you can upgrade your existing Zaribo x20 (8mm) to the same height 10mm version.

For the x-axis:

1x LMUW10 bearing by Misumi
1x LMU10 bearing by Misumi
2x PSFU10-380 smooth rods by Msiumi
3x x-axis aluminium profile by Misumi (5mm longer than regular Zaribo x-axis)

4x M3x30mm
6x M3x22mm
1x M3x40mm

For the y-axis:

2x PSUF10-360mm

option 1

3x LMU10

option 2:

1x bed carriage MK52 blocks
3x LHBBF10
12x M5x 18mm head cap screws
12x M5 washer

For the z-axis:

2x LMUW10 bearing by Misumi
2x PSFU10-xxx smooth rods by Misumi

Optional printed parts include:

1x z-Top mount left / right
1x z-Motor holder left / right
1x x-Motor holder / idler
1x x-carriage + top / bottom back parts / x-cable holder
4x y-rod holder top / bottom

for MK52 version 3x bearing holder

The MK52-Block version comes with the new bed carriage and 3x LHBB10 instead of 3x LMU10

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