Genuine 70w High-Power 500c Heater Cartridge 24V for 3D Printer Hotend


Compatible with E3D V6 - E3D Volcano

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A powerful little beast of a heater. Get rid of fragile and poorly toleranced enamel resistors and switch to a purpose-made high power heater cartridge. Get your hotend hot quickly and hit the highest of temperatures.

  • Voltage: 24V

  • Power:70W

  • Size: 6 * 20mm

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

  • Cable Length: 1 Metre

  • Cable Thickness: 0.5 mm⊃2; (The cross-section of the copper wire inside the heater is 0.5mm⊃2)

  • Temperature: Up to 500 degrees(Applicable range is 0~500 degrees Celsius)

  • Faster and more durable than others

  • The reaction to temperature control is more rapid, and the heating is more stable and accurate.


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