GreenTEC PRO Carbon 0.8kg, 1.75mm



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The biodegradable filament GreenTEC Pro is made from sustainable resources, and the strength of high-performance carbon fibers. Used for various applications in motorsports, aerospace or medical, carbon is in many cases the best solution. It’s lightweight, resistant to high temperatures and creates a much higher stiffness if added to polymer materials.

Maximum stress

GreenTEC PRO Carbon is reinforced with fibers and therefore offers exceptional mechanical properties.

Breaking Elongation

The carbon fiber creates a very hard and stiff material, ideal for high pressure loads

Ease of printing

Carbon is very abrasive. Therefore we recommend a hardened nozzle. The carbon fiber stabilizes the material and therefore reduces the distortion and stabilizes the plastic snarl during bridging. It is very easy to print.

High temperature resistant

The fiber load improves the heat resistance (VICAT), but also the HDT value of the material under load.

Speed: 60-180mm/s mm/s Printing Temperature: 200-240°C °C Print Bed Temperature : 0-90°C °C

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Michael K. 06/06/2019

Great filament

The filament is easy to print, has a great look & feel. You do not see any layer lines and opposite to other carbon filaments,. the surface is not rough, the filament doesn't break easy. Just great.

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