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MOSFET Expansion Board for...

$12.73 Price

Helps 3D printer equipped with the controller board (capable of max 15A) become more powerful. With this add-on module to board lead the maximum current up to 25A.

Zaribo Stepper Motor by LDO

$13.22 Price

 High quality stepper motor for x-, y-axis or for use in extruder. 

Genuine Rambo Mini 1.3a by...

$107.78 Price

This is Mini-Rambo v1.3a. The Mini-Rambo board is an all in one 3D printer motherboard.

WAGO Terminal Set

$2.84 Price

Solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors with different cross sections can be connected. In Zaribo it's used in the Rambo-box. Package contains 4 terminals.

POM Nut for Zaribo motors

$6.58 Price

POM (Polyoxymethylene) nut fits the TR8 lead screw for Zaribo motors.

Power switch with light

$9.08 Price

Power switch with light, CE, VDE

Terminal block

$1.70 Price

Pluggable terminal block. 15A, 30...12AWG

Rubber feet set

$4.77 Price

RoHS compliant rubber feet. 4 pieces in set

Switching Power Supply 12V...

$32.35 Price

Small Size 250W 12VDC 20A Switching Power Supply,

Size: 199*98*50mm

20x4 LCD Display by LDO

$19.87 Price

High-Quality Graphics LCD Display, 20x4 text display. Dimmable.

Extruder Springs

$4.31 Price

Extruder Spings für MK2 / MK3 / MMU, Set of 2 Springs (screws not included)

Misumi Rods for Prusa...

$18.73 Price

These rods are for Original Prusa MK series printers. Hardened steel cut with precision by Misumi Engineers in the factory.