Z’Orbiter extruder derived from Prusa R6 extruder and fully compatible with Zaribo, Original Prusa and Bear Mods. It weighs 380~ grams which may give you room for more speed. And also, it does not compromise power with its 9.4kg filament pushing force while being ultra silent. Below you can find the links to a full kit, plastic parts only and motor only.

Z’Orbiter Extruder Full Kit

Printed Parts and Misumi Black Screw Kit

Orbiter Geared Extruder Motor (Dupont cable should be selected for Zaribo/Prusa MK Series)

  • Gear ratio – 7.5:1
  • 12 mm diameter filament pushing gears
  • Filament pushing force:
    • LDO-36STH20-0504AHG 20mm stepper up to 9.4Kg
  • Filament acceleration up to 600mm/s^2
  • Retraction speed: 60mm/s(24V power supply), 30mm/s (12V power supply)
  • Overall weight is about 140g (with the 17mm stepper)
  • Maximum operating temperature ~120 C
  • DuPont Delrin moulded planetary gears;
  • Glass fibre reinforced Nylon housing and latch

Assembly video below. (click gear icon to speed up the video)

Z’Orbiter Firmwares and STL files are at https://zaribo.com/blog/download.

10 x Square Nuts DIN562
8 x M3 Hex Nut
6 x M3 x 10 Socket Cap
3 x M3 x 16 Socket Cap
3 x M3 x 22 Socket Cap
3 x M3 x 30 Socket Cap
2 x M3 x 35 Socket Cap

You can also connect to your printer with Pronterface through USB and send a couple of gcodes as we did with Zaribo Geared Motor. But this time I preferred to offer preconfigured firmware which will be easier for many others who are not into gcodes.

Please note, current extruder carriage design is compatible with 8mm rods Zaribo Printers (Prusa R6) and default Original Prusa Printers. Zaribo 10mm rods version and Mosquito Hotend versions are on the way. It has not been tested on the MK2.5 series, feel free to test and report back to support@zaribo.com

Happy printing…

Z’Orbiter Extruder designed/remixed by Murathan Araz, MBA
Orbiter Geared Motor designed by Robert Lőrincz, PhD
Orbiter Geared Motor Manufactured by LDO Motors, VP Jason Bao

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  1. Are there step files available for this? It would be great to be able to adapt it to other printers as well as use different ABL probes. I looked on the various github pages, but could not find it.

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