Zaribo 420 MK3s Rel 3 kit


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A 186 page assembly Manual for Rel 3. is only available in English! Please download here:

- Genuine Ultimachine Einsy board
- original E3D hotend
- buildtak flexplate and PEI print surface
- original Bondtech extruder gear or Bondtech MK3s extruder with integrated filament sensor housing
- Misumi extrusions for frame
- Misumi smooth rods for all axis
- Misumi bearings
- Misumi T-nuts
- Misumi metal corner brackets
- Misumi L-brackets for z-axis
- Misumi slot covers
- Misumi GT3 pulleys
- Gates GT3 belts
- IR Filament sensor
- optional Meanwell RSP 320-24 PSU

Print height 420mm

Comes with:

- SDCard
- Power cable
- USB cable
- Extruder cleaning tools


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