Nema 17 extruder stepper motor zaribo prusa 3d printers

Zaribo 1.8° Cool Wound Extruder Stepper Motor


Direct Replacement with Prusa MK2(s) MK3(s+) Extruder Motors

Runs cooler.

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Type Angle Shaft Size
Nema 17 1.8 Degree 5mm D

High-quality Stepper Motor 

Runs Cooler on Extruder

Low noise and low running temperature.

Nema 17 stepper motor for cool extruder prusa zaribo
nema 17 stepper motor for 3d printers zaribo prusa

1m Cable Included

With protective box

NEma 17 Stepper motor for 3D printers Zaribo Prusa Cartesian

Zaribo nema 17 stepper motor specs

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