Zaribo Screw kit

Zaribo Screw kit



This is the "universal" Zaribo screw for upgrading or full build.

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This is the "universal" Zaribo screw for upgrading a Prusa MK2x or MK3 or full build of a Zaribo MK2x, MK3.

Allows upgrades like Prusa MK2(S) -> Zaribo MK2, Prusa MK2.5 -> Zaribo MK2.5, Prusa MK3 -> Zaribo MK3. It allows build from scratch as well.  This screws kit works for plastic parts after March 2018!

Screws included:

# Screw
6 plastic washer
11 M3 nut
38 M3 self locking nut
32 M3 square nut
14 M3 washer
5 M6 washer
6 M3 x 8 hex socket
50 M3 x 10 hex socket
15 M3 x 12 hex socket
3 M3 x 16 hex socket
12 M3 x 18 hex socket
4 M3 x 20 hex socket
2 M3 x 22 hex socket
3 M3 x 25 hex socket
3 M3 x 30 hex socket
7 M3 x 35 hex socket
3 M3 x 40 hex socket
5 M3 x 8 counter sunk hex socket
6 M3 x 10 counter sunk hex socket
5 M4 x 10 couter sunk hex socket
44 M6 x 12 hex socket
5 M6 x 20 hex socket
8 M8 x 40 hex socket

Please note for full build: screws for heated bed are NOT included in this kit. Screws for MOSFET are not included as well since they are included in the MOSFET kit.

This screw kit is part of Zaribo upgrade kits as well as full build kit kits.

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