It is a remixed version of the Prusa Enclosure released by Mikolas Zuza. Thanks to him for publishing this valuable work. We have changed a lot of stuff actually and corrected some size issues as well.

All the STL parts can be found on this link. We also released the cad files so anyone can alter the design according to their needs. We didn’t include mods such as Led lighting, PSU Lack Mount, Smoke Detector, etc. There are many options around for these mods so you are free to choose. We also tried to use as less screws as we can. Lack tables are reuseable if you change your mind in future.

Parts needed:
Plastic Parts (Thingiverse)
– Ikea Lack Table x 2
– 600 x 440 x 3 mm Clear Transparent Plexiglass for Sides x 3
– 600 x 220 x 3 mm Clear Transparent Plexiglass for Doors x 2
– M3 x 14 mm Socket Cap Screws x 16
– M3 Square Nuts x 16
– M4 x 20 mm Wood Screws x 24
– 12 x 3 mm Round Disc Neodymium Magnets x 4
– Double-Sided Tape

Check the alignment with the enclosure while it is still upside down.



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