Prusa MK2, MK2.5(s), MK3(s) to Zaribo 320 Upgrade Kit



Print height 320mm

Prusa MK2 -> Zaribo MK2

Prusa MK2.5(s) -> Zaribo 2.5(s)

Prusa MK3(s) -> Zaribo MK3(s) 

Printed parts only available for MK3 Rel. 3. STLs for MK2, MK2.5 are available on github.

Printed parts
Print PSU
Print Extruder
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Rod diameter
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Please allow up to 10 days before shipping when you order plastic parts.

A 186 page assembly Manual for Rel 3. is only available in English! Please download here:

This kit allows many different upgrade options:

Prusa MK2 -> Zaribo MK2

Prusa MK2.5(s) -> Zaribo 2.5(s)

Prusa MK3(s) -> Zaribo MK3(s) 

Zaribo 320 upgrade kit contains:

- Misumi extrusions for frame
- Misumi smooth rods for y-axis
- Misumi smooth rods for z-axis
- Misumi T-nuts
- Misumi metal corner brackets
- Misumi slot covers
- LDO z-Motors with 420mm lead screws (no POM nuts)
- all screws
- rubber feet
- Techflex cable tuning
- Nylon filament for cable management
- GT2 belt
- 2 GT16 toothless pulleys
- cable extensions

Black extrusions are HFS, Grey extrusions are GFS type

Print height is 320mm.

Please note when you use a Rambo board we highly recommend to add our MOSFET kit as well. The plug connected to the RAMBO can melt and even damage the board.

The 10mm option contains: 4x LMU10, 3x LMUW10, 2x PSFU10-360mm (y-axis) rods , 2x PSFU10-422mm rods (z-axis)2x PSFU10-380 (x-axis), 3x HFSB-3030-359-Z8-XA12-XB347

The MK52-block version: 4x LMU10, 3x LHBB (aluminium blocks), 2x PSFU10-360mm (y-axis) rods , 2x PSFU10-322mm rods (z-axis)2x PSFU10-380 (x-axis), 3x HFSB-3030-359-Z8-XA12-XB347 (5mm wider x-axis), x-carriage for blocks

Printed parts ara avaialbel for MK3 Rel 3 only. Printed with 35% infill, 0.2mm layer. Total weight 1.2kg, printime approx. 100h.

Dimensions: Height: 55cm, Width: 40cm, Depth: 46cm

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